Reddit Image Scraper 1.0

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about image

Capture Any Amount of Images from Reddit

Many tools scrape Reddit but don't give you the power to grab data on your terms. This changes things.

Started as a team project in a Slack channel, Reddit Image Scraper as an idea born to collect the best images on the internet within minutes.

Use Python 3 to scrape any .jpg or .png images in the available subreddit (you can always add or remove file extensions within the code). Simply run the program in terminal using $ python3 under the correct directory where is downloaded, enter your start and ending dates, then you will select any public subreddit of your choice, and PRESTO! you will begin downloading images.

Version 2.0 is currently under development as a web application.

  • Built with Python
  • Uses Reddit's API to download images from Reddit within a specified date range.

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